Being the first Chinese original immersive culture experience epic drama, China Style Through the Ocean of Time is produced by Bejing Jinshubiao Tourism Development Co.., Ltd, with an aim to Interpret Chinese history, spread Chinese culture and to let the world appreciate the beauty of China!

China Style Through the Ocean of Time takes the 5000 years’ Chinese historical development as the plot main line. The epic drama involves Chinese classical dance, Chinese classical music, Chinese opera, Chinese Kungfu, Chinese classic poetry, traditional Chinese painting and sitcom as the forms of art expression, and it is performed on the basis of the aesthetic principles of Chinese traditional culture. 35 professional traditional Chinese art performers, more than 100 sets of Chinese costumes in different historical periods and poetic dance scenes all made a magnificent performance.

The Drama lets the audience feel Chinese historical culture through artistically showing a state of ceremonies, Confucian sinology, Han and Tang dynasties flourishing age, Silk road, Song Ci and Tea ceremony, Mongolian dance, Chinese traditional opera and the love story of Xu Zhimo During the Republic of China. The audience are immersed in the aesthetic atmosphere of music, poetry, drama, dance and classical costumes, cross the long river of history and feel the magnificent history, culture and spirit of china!


The Zhou Dynasty lost control of the country with split politics. Different academic circles emerged one after another. After a fierce campaign, the Qin Dynasty unified the whole world.


The culture of Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty were current for thousands of years. Zhang Qian of Tang Dynasty spread culture to the western regions. The Wencheng princess married with Tibet King with the advanced cultural and knowledge. Xuanzang traveled to India for learning Buddhism and carry it forward so far.


During the Song dynasty, Chinese nation is strong, people are rich and the culture reach its peak. People usually express their feelings with poems and songs.


Yuan Dynasty with an unprecedented broad territory, even as far as the The Danube.At that time, painting and ceramic art are popular at home and abroad.


Zheng He went abroad by sea for seven times to seek new human civilization and spread advanced Chinese culture. At that time, domestic drama culture was very popular in China.


With the passage of time, more and more cultural exchanges. In the Republic of China period, it was a fashion for ladies to dance while wearing different styles of beautiful cheongsam (or Qipao).